EGV Equipment

maintains an extensive inventory of equipment for immediate deployment using well trained operators for
geophysical and geotechnical surveys in Australia, Southeast Asia, and overseas.

Additional equipment has been developed in house to assist with resistivity surveys, TEM and NDT applications,
pipeline and LPR corrosion mapping. Many of these innovations are described in Journal publications.

 In addition EGV provides in-house instrumentation and services for :

  • Geothermal logging - QTI and Pt thermistor sensor, 1000m 4-core cable
  • Thermal Conductivity - EGV needle probe, divided bar
  • Physical Properties - susceptibility, density, porosity, EGV ultrasonics 
  • Corrosion risk analysis - LPR, E0, Rp, pitting, GPES Eco Chemie




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