Pipeline NDT

provides a specialist NDT laboratory service  focused on pipeline corrosion issues.

In particular we have developed several new instruments and data reduction methods to provide superior capacity for electrochemical tests including the Linear Polarisation Resistance (LPR) method.
The results provide essential data for pipeline risk analysis based on the corrosion properties of in-situ bedding soils. 

 LPR-cell2  LPR-panel2

Fig 1: Soil cell ready for LPR run.                 Fig.2: Multiple sample grid for optimum LPR testing.

Considerable effort is required to ensure LPR data are obtained with the highest accuracy using potentiostat methods. In particular the static effects of galvanic resistivity and moisture variations must be considered. 
EGV obtains LPR data with full quality assurance and precision based on repeated runs to ensure system accuracy using both analogue and synthetic soil samples (comparable to normal aqueous standards; new soil standards first introduced by EGV).


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