EGV Expertise

provides an advanced capacity for geophysical and geotechnical surveys using some of the most modern equipment available in Australia.
In addition, EGV staff have been actively involved in developing new technology through leading edge R&D in collaboration with Monash University.

High quality imaging techniques are used extensively for mapping sub-surface utilities including pipelines, cables and USTs.
Each application requires careful consideration of the target properties and the potential ground response. EGV selects the most appropriate technology in consultation with each client. Commonly site audits include a combination of high definition magnetics, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and ground conductivity (TEM, and galvanic).

EGV staff have particular expertise in electrical methods sensitive to variations in ground conductivity. Apart from mineral exploration, TEM and galvanic methods provide an ability to detect and track variations in groundwater quality and the dispersal of contaminants.

New instruments developed by EGV can also be used to investigate pipeline corrosion by mapping variations in soil properties including oxidation potential and pitting corrosion linked to variations in Linear Polarisation Resistance (LPR).




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